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Setting up your iPhone for Mail

This article will help you to setup your iPhone for sending and recieving emails.

Make a note of the following settings, you will need to replace these settings with your relative email settings which can be found here:

IMAP Account Information

Name: The name you want your emails to appear from
Address: Your full email address (e.g. info@qwad.net)
Description: The description that will appear in iPhone Mail (can be anything)

Incoming Mail Server

Host Name: mail.yourdomain.name (e.g. mail.qwad.net)
User Name:
YourUsername+YourDomainName (e.g. info+qwad.net)
Password: Your email password (You can change this in cPanel here)

Outgoing Mail Server:

Host Name: mail.yourdomain.name (e.g. mail.qwad.net) (server requires authentication)
User Name: YourUsername+YourDomainName (e.g. info+qwad.net)
Password: You email password (the same as Incoming mail Password)


Use SSL: Yes (or No, adjust Port number located below)
Authentication: Password
IMAP Path Prefix:
Server Port: 143 (993 SSL)

Outgoing Port Number: 25 (465 SSL

1. On your iPhone Home Screen click on Settings and then Mail, Contacts, Calendars

2. Click Add Account > Other > Add Mail Account

You should now be on the following screen (left), Here we have entered our information but enter the information that relates to your email account.

Click Next when you have entered your information, and your iPhone will display Looking up account information

3. On the following screen enter the details for the incoming and outgoing mail server (you can find this at the top of this page)

Be sure that you have selected the IMAP tab

4. Once you have entered this information click Next

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have clicked Next, this verifying stage can take up to 5 minutes, please be paitent.

During this process you will be prompted with Secure Connection Failed, certificate error message (right).  Please click Continue.

5. Once Verfication has completed you should now be returned back to the Mail, Contacts, Calendar screen like this:

Click on your mail account and scroll down to the Advanced Menu (left image)

6. Be sure that the settings at the bottom of that page look this this:

PLEASE NOTE: You must make sure the IMAP Path Prefix is set to: INBOX (all caps)

7. Once this is done, you should be all setup

To test, click your iPhone Home button and click on Mail

Try sending an email, if you experience any errors, please check your settings with the settings at the top of this page.


7a. For reference, this is what the SMTP Outgoing Mail Server settings page should look like:

If you need further help then please contact us by opening a ticket in the member area.


the qwad.net hosting team

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