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Email Settings

Replace [domain] with your domain anem minus the www's and the brackets e.g. qwad.net not www.qwad.net

qwad.net uses the IMAP mail system.  To find out more information about the difference between IMAP and POP please click here.

If you require further assistance then please contact us at info@qwad.net

IMAP Email Settings:

Incoming Mail Server (non-SSL): mail.[domain]
Incoming Mail Server (SSL): shruk1.dizinc.com
Outgoing Mail Server: mail.qwad.net (server requires authentication) port 25
Outgoing Mail Server: (SSL) shruk1.dizinc.com (server requires authentication) port 465
Mail Username: name+[domain]
Mail Password: [Your Password]

If using Apple Mail, The "IMAP Path Prefix" needs to be set to INBOX otherwise Mail.app will not be able to store deleted, draft or sent mail on the server.

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