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Setting up Apple Mail

This article will help you to setup Apple Mail with your email using the following settings:

Mail Server Username: YourUsername+YourDomainName (e.g. info+qwad.net)
Incoming Mail Server:
mail.yourdomain.name (e.g. mail.qwad.net)
Incoming Port Number: 143
Outgoing Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.name (e.g. mail.qwad.net) (server requires authentication)
Outgoing Port Number: 25
Supported Incoming Mail Protocols: POP3, IMAP
Supported Outgoing Mail Protocols: SMTP


1. First of all Open Mail

2. Go to > Mail > Preferences

3. Make sure you on the Accounts tab

4. Click on the + icon in the lower left corner on the Accounts tab

5. Enter your details as shown below and click Continue

6. Enter incoming mail settings using the example below.  Replace the Incoming Mail Server, Username and Password according to your account.

Your incoming and outgoing mail details can be found in your control panel here

7. Enter the outgoing mail settings, adjusting the Outgoing Mail Server, Username and Password accordingly.  Ensure that you have Use Authentication checked


8. You should now have the settings on the next screen similar to those on the screen grab below:

9. Once you have clicked Create you will now need to turn off SSL to make mail syncronization faster.  Visit the Advanced tab as shown below:

Click on the click box next to Use SSL to turn SSL off.

It is Very Important that you Enter INBOX into the IMAP Path Prefix, so that Sent Mail can be saved on the server.

Make sure you save these settings by clicking on any other tab on the top bar.  e.g. General (A popdown window will ask if you would like to save changes, click Save)


10. Now visit the Account Information tab.  Under the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) click Edit SMTP Server List.

11. Under the Advanced tab of the your outgoing mail server ensure that your settings look like this:

For a faster response, turn Off SSL by checking the box.

Thats it! You have sucessfully setup your Apple Mail account for use with your email.

To be sure that the Account has been sucessfully setup correctly.  Quit Mail and reopen it again.

If you have any other questions please contact us on info@qwad.net


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